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Testimonials Social Responsibility and ISO 26000:2010 Training Program
I would highly recommend this training course to any interested parties. Excellent presentation and very informative. The trainer was very friendly and made the training course interested and easly understood.
~Micheal Rezkallah, Alberta, Canada
I enjoyed the training and it was useful. I want to tell you that this is a very well done course. Especially well done are the materials for the case studies.
~Stephen Notterr
The course was well structured (presentation, study material, case study, test and feedback) and easy to follow through.
~Syed Z. Ali, Quality Manager
This course was one of the best online courses I have ever attended. It was indeed a good source for continuing professional development. The course was well organized and perfectly coordinated. I was impressed with the meaningful feedback of QPRC on all my assignments. I fully recommend this course for the industry professionals seeking to excel their knowledge in sustainability and strategic management.
~Samir Ahmed
The ISO 26000 study course was the first that I had attempted by correspondence but that would now be my first preference for any future studies. I found the course an excellent introduction into the vast area of social responsibility with the reading material well selected and edited to give the maximum benefit for the student (for the minimum of effort).The Standard provides a framework for understanding the role of business in society and should be compulsory study for anyone with director in his/her job title. The flexibility of the of the programme made it easy to integrate into a busy work schedule. The individual tutorials provided a big incentive to keep up the studies and it was a privilege to have so much time with tutors who were able to illustrate so many vague principles with examples clearly drawn from practical experience. The back-up and administration for the course was faultless and made the whole experience very positive for me. I would be happy to recommend the quality and effectiveness of the ISO 26000 e-learning Training Programme and the enthusiasm, knowledge, competence and helpfulness of its tutors and staff to any prospective student.
~Charlie Bloomer
The course conducted by Quality Professionals Resource Center on ISO 26000 was great. The modules were so good and were very practical and self explanatory This e learning course was useful for all ISO professionals and HR professionals for implementing ISO 26000 and also take SA 8000 in their organizations. A very useful e learning course by Quality Professionals Resource center Good job done
~Sankaran Jagadeesan
The course opened my eyes to not only the different components such as conflict minerals (human rights), sustainability, and product responsibility, but also how wide spread SR is. From the case studies, I found that numerous organizations are already deeply entrenched in SR. The layout of the course material on the web site was well thought out and easy to follow. I could see what direction the course was headed before we got to that next section.
Sustainable Development Through Quality Management Training Course
As a Quality Professional, it was interesting to see the more broad discussions involving Management Systems and overall business success and sustainability. Will help me do a better job of "selling" the importance and contribution of these systems.
Fundamentals of Business Sustainability Training Course
As a certified ISO Auditor, I strive to continually improve. I was looking to make the auditing program more value-added and sustainable. This course has given me the tools necessary to accomplish these goals. I take particular interest in on-line learning. The on-line course was very reasonably priced and there was sufficient time for reviewing the material and preparing for exams. I would definitely recommend these courses to anyone interested in sustaining the business, and especially recommend these courses for auditors wishing to improve their skills.
~Patricia Bloomer
The customer focus is outstanding including customer help and individualized attention.
~Scott T. Riley
I am sure it would be useful to me beyond now in my QMS consultancy and auditing.
~John Adekoje
Energy Management and ISO 50001:2011 Training Course
Basic course, enjoyed it.
Enjoyed reading the case studies.
Several form will be modified slightly to suit what I am doing and always easier to start with something other then a blank piece of paper. Material will be reviewed I'm sure many times.
~Thanks, Doug
Liked the case studies as they were very informative
Audit Interview: Learning Journalists' Secrets
Thank you, a truly excellent course. I will be recommending this course for others to take.
~Larry B., President MSI

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